These are some of the latest projects I've worked on.

From Scratch

"From Scratch" follows actor/producer/adventurer David Moscow on a worldwide expedition making meals literally from scratch. After being presented a recipe from a chef, David must hunt, dive, gather, forage and grow each ingredient to remake the meal, revealing the overwhelming amount of work, craftmanship and passion that brings everyday ingredients into the kitchen. "From Scratch" highlights the fragility of our environment and food supplies as global climate changes and species face pollution, habitat destruction, overfishing, monoculture and other threats. Moscow's travels have given him the opportunity to meet and work with people creating sustainable alternatives against high odds.

Body by Drunk Elephant

Introducing Drunk Elephant's new products for your body that let you live the Drunk Elephant philosophy of incorporating only the best, most efficacious ingredients (and none of the Suspicious 6!) into your body care lifestyle!

Billy Idol - Bitter Taste (Official Music Video)

Official video for Billy Idol’s "Bitter Taste" from the new EP The Roadside, available on September 17 via Dark Horse Records.